Saturday, June 20, 2009

Music and Brand Partnerships

We in Jamaica have a saying, "good fren better dan pocket money", which essentially speaks to the benefits of a network. Translated to standard English one could say, "having a good friend is always better that having cash". I say this to thank my good friend and partner in the entertainment blogosphere, Simone Harris, for bringing my attention to this article "Brands should be wired into music discovery". Have a read, it ties in nicely with some of my points in my earlier Entertainment and Advertising post.

The article speaks to the music business, and encourages partnerships that seamlessly integrate music and the corporate brands. The examples in the article are not traditionally Caribbean brands but you'll get the picture. If you are part of a team that manages a Jamaican/Caribbean music act it might be worth your while to think of what some useful alliances might be. The same is true if you are a corporate brand manager.

It is because of opportunities like this that I have become such a believer in licensing for our Caribbean properties. And I think this can be done without selling out. As an example, this is what the Marley's have done. However, that will have to be the subject of another blog.

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