Friday, June 19, 2009

Not To Me - A Jamaican Film

This is a repost from MTV's Staying Alive website. I take no credit for the contents except that I want to share the message.

"Set to creatively entertain and educate, this 1-hour film features real-life stories highlighting sexual and social issues appealing to the youth with great dialogues, amazing soundtracks and visually appealing images.

Shot by renowned music video director, Ras Kassa (Welcome to Jamrock – Damien Marley) and featuring music by world-acclaimed Caribbean artists (Shabba Ranks/Mr Vegas /Yellow man/Lady Saw), “NOT TO ME” is a powerful and passionate story about young people trying to find their way through life and realising the consequences of their actions.

The backdrop of the series sets around Pasa-Pasa in Jamaica. The story touches on young men and women from different societal backgrounds, addresses cultural and sexual barriers between young men and women and drives home some truths and realities about contracting HIV."

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Anonymous said...

just have to big up Sheldon Shepherd, Everaldo Creary, Sean Welch and the rest of the cast on this film yow....