Thursday, June 25, 2009

Consumers Hungry for Jamaica

Had a discussion on Wednesday with some colleagues here a Full Sail University following a business planning presentation I made. What struck me was just how hungry these ordinary American and Irish folk are to know more about Jamaica. Most of these folks actually consume reggae music, but there is hardly much else that makes its way to them. Funny enough, they were able to relay to me some of the typical misconceptions about Rastafari and some other Jamaican stereotypes, one even expressed surprise at the fact that ganja (marijuana) is illegal in Jamaica. It is what it is. I raise this to say that there is a hunger for what this little nation has to offer and the ball is really now in our court to deliver. I’m on the lookout for some viable business ideas that can deliver this dynamic and fascinating culture to the world, and some investors who wouldn’t mind funding that delivery, so let’s talk. Walk good, an good duppy walk wid yuh!
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Abeng said...

Good to see that at least someone is addressing the issue of developing coherence in the entertainment economy.

I'm working on developing a project and hope there can be collaboration with others interested in this area.

Kam-Au said...


I'm putting the energy out because I see where there is a real need and I believe I have something to offer. The changes we want to bring will take collaboration from a number of people with a variety of ideas and talent so I'm open.

I'm happy you find the blog useful.

Anonymous said...
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