My Story

These entries are the expression of Kam-Au Amen a go-getter, and a self-described African thinker who was born in Jamaica, who peddles ideas that help advance humanity. I believe in fairness, and I think that in this world where there is so much abundance greed is humanity's common enemy.

I am passionate in my thoughts. I have a passion for businesses that positively impact their communities, particularly marginalized communities. I have a philosophy that embraces wealth creation. These pages are where I share some of the ideas I have about building wealth through entertainment, media, and other cultural enterprises.

I have been fortunate to have gained some experience in training, media and the performing arts, and I have a full appreciation of the convergence of entertainment, media and culture within the global context. I've done some time lecturing in academia and so at times I can be stirred into a passionate discussion about culture.

Among some of my proudest accomplishments have been serving as the Deputy Director of Culture in the Ministry of Culture, Jamaica and also as a member of the government’s Cultural Industries Council (formerly the Entertainment Advisory Board).  I am also fiercely proud of the pioneering BA in Entertainment and Cultural Enterprise Management I designed, implemented and coordinated at the University of the West Indies (UWI), Mona.

I have an undying love for Africa and its Diaspora and my great hope is to see them advance economically and politically. In support of my hope I subscribe to the teachings of the great Jamaican born Africanist Marcus Mosiah Garvey. Like him I believe that capitalism when judiciously regulated offers Africans world over the best chance of prosperity. I embrace his message of self-love and self-reliance, and I hope that Africans can truly come to see the wisdom in (pan-)African cooperation as Marcus Garvey espoused.

I'm determined to swim in the ocean with the financial sharks and I will.  I hope you find these writings useful as I make the entries on my journey through life.  Enjoy!