Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Evian Puts Internet Marketing To Work

The Evian Live Young campaign seems destined to be an advertisement campaign we'll be talking about for a while. Things seem to be going exactly as the Evian marketers expect and the proof is the fact that people are actually going online to search out these advertisements. Check out the campaign's Evian roller babies page when you have some time.

The videos were released July 6 on YouTube. Since then I've seen many mentions online, including them being the feature of news reports in print and on TV. That kind of exposure is the envy of many. A quick check on YouTube shows that each of the released versions has already passed the 5 million views mark, and I don't think that will slow down any time soon. The plan from the start was to go viral and make full use of social media. On facebook you will find an Evian babies fan page as well as at least 3 profiles for some of the 96 babies used to create these commercials (no kidding). And just in case you want your own copies of the music there are links for that too.

Here is a paragraph from the press release:
The new ad campaign personifies the “Live YoungTM” message in a humorous and entertaining fashion with a pop-culture slant. Directed by Michael Gracey (part of the creative circle behind Baz Lurhman’s “Romeo and Juliet” and “Moulin Rouge”), 96 babies were filmed for the spots, which feature roller break-dancing routines set to a Rapper’s Delight remix by Dan the Automator. The famed California hip-hop producer’s remix will be available as an MP3 from all major international digital download sites, just one way Evian is placing the Web at the heart of this campaign.

Here's the US version of the ad:

Below are two teasers the company released in their viral pre-launch. Ebru TV reported that these were released on YouTube and DailyMotion as well as to a platform of about 8,000 bloggers who would help generate some buzz. Have a look.

Teaser #1 - Baby Breakdance

Teaser #2 - Baby Moonwalk

Of course, no recent film production would be complete without a behind the scenes look, so here you have it - the making of Evian roller babies.

I'm interested to know how much was budgeted for this campaign and what percentage of that went into production versus distribution. We can be fairly certain that going viral would have reduced the company's distribution costs of this advertisement. By all appearances the viral spread has traction and it seems that Evian is walking away from this a winner. I suppose then that the question is how will this campaign impact the sales of the brand? Are you more likely to buy the Evian branded water when you go shopping?

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