Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Considerations for Design Contracts

"Creative ... is the soul of entertainment, but copyright is the key to the cash", wrote Al Lieberman, professor and Executive Director of the Entertainment, Media and Technology Program at NYU's Stern School of Business, in his book The Entertainment Marketing Revolution. Ignore the legal side of the business and your sojourn within the entertainment business is bound to be one with many regrets.

On the other hand, its not terribly difficult to ensure you always have the law on your side. To do this will require some common sense decision making and discipline on your part. The truth is there are many who know the right thing to do, yet not do it. It's a human condition.

In virtually every business project that I've been involved with I've had to work with a graphic artist at some point. Given those experiences I know that this design contract post by Brian Hoff from The Design Cubicle is relevant. The post is titled, What to Include in Your Design Contracts. As he points out, this is just a start given that so much more can be included. However, if you consider these pointers when you begin to engage design services you will be well on your way. It is true that knowing is half the battle. Of course, there is no harm done in consulting a lawyer when doing your project since this should not be understood as a substitute for legal advice.

I am thankful to Donnie Crawford for this link, What to Include in Your Design Contracts.

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