Friday, August 17, 2018

Made of Jamaica: My Rototom Edition Note 1

I made it to Spain to be a part of the Rototom Sunsplash European Reggae Festival 25th Edition.  This is but a section of the world that Jamaica made, and it is beautiful.

So far it’s been a remarkable experience, it being my first time. Previous festivals have recorded attendance numbers in excess of 250,000 patrons over the several days and coming from over 75 countries.  This is simply incredible when you think what sustained attendance numbers like this could do for an island economy like Jamaica.

As a Jamaican, being in this space where it is a week-long (August 16-22) celebration of Jamaican culture on the European continent, it is near mind blowing; and this is being organized by fans and friends of Jamaican culture, not Jamaicas who were born and raised on the island. It makes a huge statement.

So far, from an attendee standpoint the organization has been seamless.  The organizers have been most efficient and are well supported by their army of volunteers.  

On this 25th edition I think the organizers have some done well, on just imagery and the branding (even if my phone photos don't do them justice).  It’s been truly remarkable how this has been executed.

On this 131st earthday anniversary of Jamaica's most impactful national hero, the Right Excellent Marcus Mosiah Garvey, I think he would have been pleased to see how far Jamaica's culture has travelled and shaped lives and communities.