Thursday, June 13, 2013

Kingston Hall

On Wednesday I came across the New York City bar named Kingston Hall on the Internet and I think I must go check it out soon.
Kingston Hall's Homepage
  Judging from the pictures it seems as if it would be quite a treat.

The reviews suggest that the bar does not have any of the traditional iconography we have come to associate with Jamaica, like Bob Marley, or the liberation colors (red, green and gold), or even the Jamaican flag.  However, the beverage list and the food seem unmistakably 'yard' inspired, along with the post-colonial era decor.  It is definitely different, yet recognizable.

This bar is one of a number of businesses operated by The Church Group, who describe themselves as:

... a consulting firm that focuses on the concept, design and build-out of bar, restaurant and club projects. The Church Group currently operates Kingston Hall, Ninth Ward and Shoolbred’s, all located in the East Village of Manhattan. These bars are known and valued for their highly customized, transportive decor and atmosphere.
So far, Kingston Hall has acquired some enviable press and a good following to go along with that.  They are located at 149 Second Ave, New York, NY 10003 in the East Village.

The Pool Table

Go check them out!

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