Thursday, July 1, 2010

Marijuanaman Comics? No Sah

So Ziggy Marley is throwing his hat into the ring of publishing with a new comic project titled Marijuanaman. This project is slated to hit the retailers come April 20, 2011. According to the Image Comics July 1 blog,
Ziggy is blazing into the comic world with his latest project, MARIJUANAMAN. Ziggy's new superhero, Marijuanaman, is from a planet that is in desperate need of THC. Marijuanaman seeks to save Earth's marijuana fields from destruction by the drug company PharmeXon, and thus saving his home planet from destruction.

With Marijuanaman being heralded as "the hero for a new generation", I hope we can all handle him when he arrives because some parents we know aren't likely to take too kindly to a herbsman for kids, assuming that's the new generation they're talking about. I wonder if this is likely to be a winner? Surprisingly, this is just after his "Family Time" album as well as other projects aimed at kids. Maybe I'm the one who's getting it twisted but the message seems all wrong here. I can see through the brilliance of targeting kids to grow your audience with your music, but I think the theme in this new comic is a bad idea. Kryptonite and marijuana don't exactly have the same effect on kids. "Damagement" is on the loose it appears. Then again, maybe it's all a prank. Here's the official website

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