Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Legacy Licensing: Bob Marley and now Michael Jackson

Branding the dead is big business, and with the transition of Michael Jackson we can expect to be seeing more of him around than ever before. Its morbid, I know, but don't shoot the messenger. I was is disbelief for days when I first heard the news of MJ's passing, it took days to sink in, and when it did, I started bracing myself because I immediately knew that his memory would be kept alive for generations to come, even more that Elvis. Check out this link, Bluewater to Release Michael Jackson Collectible Comic. Many of us see this phenomena of famous dead people's merchandise and wonder what's the draw, but it really comes down to the emotional connection that the individual made through their work. In this case, its all about the living and them wanting to express respect for that relationship. Such is the power of building a fan base while alive if you're a creative. Love your fans and they will take care of you and your generations yet unborn, its no fluke, its real. As regards our very own Jamaican superstar, Bob Marley, since you know we couldn't be left out, the article Legacy Licensing Lives On reports that,
Hilco will license a 2010 Bob Marley 65th Anniversary program that will include accessories, apparel, footwear, food and beverage, collectibles, luggage, musical instruments and promotions/entertainment, stationery, plus the hospitality segment covering restaurants, cafes, hotels and resorts/spas.
For those of you who've been wondering about the Bob Marley shoes, hol' tight, dem coming back. Here's another article for you, Dead Celebs: Branding Beyond the Grave, it details far more than I need to say here. If nothing else though I hope I am able to move the current thinking about our Caribbean entertainment and cultural products further along. There are a host of unexplored dimensions to this business my people, break the mold!
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